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Several customized maps are available for download in PDF format free of charge. The maps range in size, scale, and theme. We do not provide printing services. Please contact a print shop to make the any necessary arrangements


Maps help present information in a form that is readily understood and in a way that is meaningful to a broad audience. Interactive Web Mapping is similar to maps however, unlike maps which are static, web mapping applications provide users with the ability to interact with data including the ability to search, query, view, and create customized maps at varying scales. Web Mapping also allows users to display a variety of Regional District information such as cadastral, zoning, address, road, service area, community, administrative boundary, park, and facilities. This service will be available to the public on April 8, 2013.


The Thompson-Nicola Regional District encourages digital data sharing and will participate in data sharing agreements that are deemed mutually beneficial.
If you are interested in entering into a data sharing agreement with the Thompson-Nicola Regional District, please contact the GIS Coordinator at 250-377-8673 (ext. 7190) for information.