Our primary purpose is to encourage growth and manage development


Planning Services is responsible for land use planning for all unincorporated Electoral Areas within the Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD). We also provide planning services for several member municipalities on a contractual basis and support for others with long range planning under the umbrella of our Regional Growth Strategy, Fringe Areas Policy, and other regional planning initiatives.


Planning Applications

What We Do:

Our primary purpose is to encourage growth and manage development throughout the TNRD in a sustainable manner. We work in the long term public interest to guide development while balancing the needs of our communities’ economic, environmental and social well being, all with the view to a high quality of life in the Thompson-Nicola region.

We prepare recommendations supported by plans, policies and reports for consideration by the TNRD Board of Directors.  We serve as a resource for the Board on planning related matters, in particular processing applications and referrals requiring local government action. Finally, we respond to a variety of development and land use inquiries and administer and enforce bylaws relating to development, land use, and property maintenance.

If you have a question regarding a current or ongoing planning application, please search the Board Agendas or contact the Planning Department at

If you have recently completed a planning application and would like to provide feedback on that process, please click here to download and complete a survey.