Occupational Health and Safety


Committed to providing workers
with a safe and healthy workplace.

It is the commitment of the TNRD to provide a safe work environment that is designed, operated and maintained in accordance with occupational health and safety standards.

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It is the responsibility of the TNRD management to develop, implement and maintain programs designed to prevent injuries and occupational diseases throughout TNRD workplaces by ensuring the health and safety hazards are controlled or eliminated, and by developing work procedures conducive to a health and safety workplace.

It is the responsibility of every supervisor to ensure that all workers are instructed in, and follow all safe work procedures, regulatory requirements and collective agreement provisions.

It is the responsibility of all workers to follow proper safe work procedures and to monitor their workplaces for unsafe conditions and hazards.

Thompson-Nicola Regional District is committed to providing workers with a safe and healthy workplace by:

  • Promoting a positive attitude towards health and safety in the workplace.
  • Providing sufficient resources to implement the Occupational Health and Safety Program/System.
  • Complying with legislated regulations, standards and established safe work procedures.
  • Working with the Joint Health and Safety Committee to identify hazards, assess risks and find solutions.
  • Continuous improvement and implementation of the TNRD Occupational Health and Safety Program that contains safety responsibilities, written procedures, training and instruction of workers, hazard identification and mitigation, workplace inspections, and incident investigations.

To achieve these commitments, we have developed and implemented a comprehensive HSE Management system. We hold TNRD leaders responsible and accountable for providing the financial, human, and organizational resources necessary to ensure its effective implementation and maintenance.