Nuisance Mosquito Control Service


The Thompson-Nicola Regional District is please to provide this on-line General Inquiry/Service Request form to improve our responsiveness to you. Please describe your specific inquiry or request and any additional information that will help us respond to you as quickly as possible.

Within our nuisance mosquito control service area crews conduct surveillance and abatement activities through the active mosquito season, usually April through September each year. During that time requests for service or information regarding mosquito control can be made through this online service request form or our 24-hour mosquito advisory line which is 250.372.5700.

One of our mosquito-control crews will visit the problem area and determine treatment or monitoring needs. You will receive a phone call only if additional information is needed to find the problem site.

An email will be immediately sent to you acknowledging receipt of your request, and you will be provided with a link to check the status. Your request will be forwarded to staff and will be assigned a unique item number – please use this number in any future communication with us regarding your request.

Thank you for contacting the Thompson-Nicola Regional District.