Dangerous Dog Control Bylaw


Dangerous Dog Control Bylaw Information

Under the Thompson Nicola Regional District Bylaw No. 2383, the following sections apply to Dangerous Dog

“DANGEROUS DOG” means any dog that:

(a)        has killed or seriously injured a person,

(b)        has killed or seriously injured a domestic animal in a public place or while on private property, other than property owned or occupied by the person responsible for the dog, or

(c)        an Animal Control Officer has reasonable grounds to believe is likely to kill or seriously injure a person.

TNRD Bylaw 2531

The Dangerous Dog Control Service is only enforced in Electoral Area "I', "J", "M", "N", "O" and "P"  in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District. Click here for a map of the Dangerous Dog Control Service Area.

This Bylaw is not a breed specific bylaw. It does not discriminate by breed. It is based on the definition of a Dangerous Dog” and the behaviour of that dog.

Local Government Act Section 707.1 (Dangerous Dogs Section)

On August 30, 2000 new legislation came into force in British Columbia that will allow quick action to be taken to protect people and animals from dangerous dogs. Link to B.C.’s Dangerous Dog Law

PART VI Section 49-RIGHT OF ENTRY  Be advised that the Dog Control Officer is hereby authorized to enter, at all reasonable times, upon any property within the Electoral Areas “I”, “M”, “N”, and “P”, subject to any of the regulations of this bylaw, in order to ascertain whether such regulations are being obeyed

Reporting a Dangerous Dog

Enforcement of Bylaw No. 2383 will be the responsibility of K9 Dog Control, which has been appointed as the Animal Control Officer by the TNRD. Any RCMP officer can act as an Animal Control Officer as well.

Phone 1-877-379-2821 to report any instances of dangerous dogs in your area.

When you report a Dangerous Dog:

  • Description of dog(s)
  • Address where the dog came from
  • Is the owner aware
  • Is the dog confined
  • Date and time incident occurred
  • Photos of the injury
  • Statement(s) witness and otherwise
  • Medical report (vet or doctors)


Are you concerned about your identity being revealed if you file a complaint with us?

When you file a complaint with us, your personal information is kept confidential and is not revealed to the dog owner.  It is important for us to have your information on file to give validity to the complaint and to assist our officers in effectively dealing with your concerns.

The exception to this confidentiality is if there is a court action as a result of your complaint.  In this case, the accused is entitled to full disclosure of the file for the purpose of preparing his/her defence.  Then your personal information must be revealed along with the officer’s notes and findings to the accused or his/her counsel as required by law.